James McBride Teaching Award 2016 Recipients

ShaiferJohn Shaifer
KIPP Gaston College Prep, Gaston NC
“I am most proud of the teaching I’ve done preparing our new teachers to be successful in the classroom. The result has been that this group is well ahead of their counterparts from previous years. These teachers are managing classes well. Every teacher has expanded their repertoire of instructional strategies, and their students have benefited from a more rigorous classroom experience.” —Asst. Principal, History Teacher
1985 BA, Franklin & Marshall
1995 MA, St John’s College

GarnerAllen Garner
Russell Byers Charter School, Philadelphia
“The great challenge each year in teaching is getting to know each child individually and continuously trying to meet their needs, whether they be emotional, social or academic. The children are constantly growing and need reassessing regularly.” —2nd & 4th Grade Teacher
1977 BA, Univ. of Mississippi
1990 MA, University of Memphis

Hill-BradyCarla Hill-Brady
Foundation Academies, Trenton, NJ
“As a founding member of the school I am most proud of the students who everyone doubted, but who constantly strive to do better. My challenge is to find the right strategies to help them navigate through the “unfair” and then ensure fairness in their education.” —Dean of Students
1989 AA, Burlington County College

ErsteinKali Beth Erstein
Foundation Academies, Trenton, NJ
“Holding students accountable for all “Habits of Discussion” all the time is challenging. Students focus on a listening or speaking goal as they communicate with their peers. It is quite a challenge to throw communication goals into the mix while I’m already juggling content and literacy instruction. If students are able to verbally express their arguments or reasoning, this will inevitably translate into stronger writing when they put their thoughts down on paper.” —History and Geography Teacher
2009 BA,Washington College
2010 MA, Univ. East Anglia, UK