James McBride Teaching Award 2015 Recipients

Sheria Andrews
Foundation Academies, Trenton NJ
“I want to see our students sitting at the table where people make decisions about their community. At one time I vowed never to return to Trenton because I believed the ‘fight’ was just too great. Today I understand that I’m supposed to be tired; to work relentlessly in this great fight. Now I’m part of the solution.” — Principal
2006 BS, Howard University
2012 MA, Montclair State University

Elisabeth Pope
Foundation Academies, Trenton, NJ
“Young people have the power to make a difference. Trouble is, they don’t always believe it. So when they had to attend school on the MLK holiday we spent it learning about the inequity in charter school funding. Hours later we took to the streets. My students chanted all the way to the State House and read their speeches. They felt empowered. They felt heard.” — Writing Teacher, Instructional Dean
2006 BA, University of Arizona
2010 MA, College of New Jersey

Oritz-100x133Suzette Ortiz
Creative Arts Morgan Village, Camden, NJ
“Finances are always a struggle for my students, yet, they raise money to travel. Last year at Nashville, our choir, one of the smallest participating, competed in more categories than any school and won gold in all of them. See, music helps the less fortunate to navigate through Camden and beyond.” — Music teacher
1982 El Conservatorio, Puerto Rico
1986 MA, Temple

Inessa-100x133Inessa Vaccaro
Foundation Collegiate Academy, Trenton, NJ
“Increasing the graduation rate in Trenton is not an easy road. Even harder is matching our students to appropriate colleges where they can continue successful and fulfilling lives. We use Naviance to make that match and read novels aimed to prepare them for the road that lies ahead.” — Founding College Advisor
2006 BA and 2010 MA, College of New Jersey

KenWcrop-100x133Kenneth Woodley
KIPP Gaston College Prep, Gaston NC
“Proudest moment? Informing my wonderful band students in rural NC that out of 160 KIPP ensembles who applied, we were chosen (for the 3rd year) to perform at the annual KIPP Summit in Calif. Music renews the mind, heals the heart and as a music teacher, I get to set the tone of hope.” — Band Director
1992 BA, Norfolk State University