James McBride Teaching Award 2014 Recipients


James McBride, National Book Award winner, with students at Foundation Academies.

emily_dEmily DiUglio
Foundation Academies, Trenton, NJ
“At a young age I was diagnosed with dyslexia. When I walked into the music room the label was stripped away and I felt equal. It’s this same place of refuge where I found strength and success that I strive to create for my students in Trenton.”
Music Teacher, Team leader
2008 BA, Westminster Choir College of Rider University

peter_oPeter Oswald
Foundation Academies, Trenton, NJ
“Establishing a culture of musical study, not only at school, but in the home and greater community is my latest challenge.”
Music Teacher
2010 BME, Shenandoah Conservatory, 2013 MA, Eastman

chevonChevon Boone
Northstar Academy, Newark, NJ
“In my first year I designed the Reading Hunger Games competition. Paralleling a literature goal with the new movie craze shifted reading from being obligatory to fun.”
Teach for America English Teacher
2013 BA, University of Pennsylvania

TrindleKaren Trindle
Ridge Elementary School, Newark, NJ
“I’m proud that my 8th grade students were accepted into Arts H.S. It motivates me to put the violin in the hands of even more children who have never touched one. Developing a passion for music leads to a better attitude toward school itself.”
Music Teacher
2006 BA, Bard College, 2009 MA, Hunter College

Hassan crop2Hassan Sabree
Camden High School, Camden, NJ
“Maintaining our award-winning band’s high expectations in the midst of severe budget cuts is my biggest challenge. As Mr. Holland said, you can cut the arts all you want but sooner or later kids aren’t going to have anything to read or write about.”
Music Teacher, Fine Arts Director
2000 BS , Morgan State Univ., 2010, MPA, Rutgers University

Jill_SpiegelJill Spiegel
Foundation Academies, Trenton, NJ
“Some people doubt that urban youth can surmount to anything. Our trip to Oberlin Conservatory and the beautiful recording our students produced there shows all non-believers that kids from Trenton are capable of anything.”
English Teacher, Team Leader, Dept. Chair
2008 BS, Towson University