Music with a Mission

Many people described Jonathan as a bridge, bringing together students, different generations and opposing ideas. As a student leader he worked on two causes; bringing band instruments to underserved schools, and building wells in Africa.  In this spirit, Music with a Mission was created, to raise awareness about water issues and increase college-bound rates for students from disadvantaged communities. Read more…

The James McBride Teaching Award

Established in 2014, this award recognizes excellent teachers serving under-resourced communities and inspires others to make the same commitment.   McBride grew up in Brooklyn’s Red Hook projects.  He is an accomplished writer, musician and composer and serves an an inspirational role model for students and teachers alike.  Read more….

The Jonny Scholars

Jonathan was a student activist and a freshman at Oberlin College. The foundation awards two college scholarships a year to students who exhibit creativity and originality in both thought and action. Recipients exhibit the spirit of Jonathan, a bit of a contrarian, a bit of a dreamer, but always inspired by the possibilities. Read more…