Grief to Generosity

Honor Your Child by Helping Others

Grief to Generosity Book CoverONE PART MEMOIR and two parts “how to,” Grief to Generosity shows how you can channel despair into action by publicly memorializing your child. The lessons in this book help you navigate the challenges you’ll face. Step by step, the author leads you through your grief and into something positive. And while helping others, you’ll realize that your child can become the inspiration, not the necessity in your grief.

This book is a set of lessons to help you navigate the obstacles you’ll face if you choose to publicly memorialize your child. It is a resource I wish I’d had at the beginning of my journey, when I had no idea how to deal with our son’s death or how to honor his memory. This is how I found my way back: I kept my heart and mind together and did the work our son didn’t finish.

When your child’s tribute takes root through giving, your child feels present. But it’s a slow and bumpy process. The 10 steps to philanthropy listed in my book are meant to lead you beyond your grief. As you start to get involved with your mission, you need to be aware of how your grief still follows you and disrupts you. The 10 common challenges illustrate some of the unique issues familiar to all bereaved parents working in philanthropy. I share what we faced in our outreach—and I hope that our stories will prepare and inspire you.

“This is a book of discovery, an anchor, a beacon of light for those who have suffered the unthinkable. It provides a way back for parents who have lost what they should not lose, and a path to a new way of thinking for those who do not understand what that journey involves. The Krist family’s story is living proof that the immeasurable gifts children bestow upon their parents can spread throughout the world in ways far beyond our imagination, which is why we have children in the first place.”
— James McBride, New York Times best-selling author of The Color of Water, winner of the 2013 National Book Award for his novel The Good Lord Bird and 2015 recipient of the National Humanities Medal presented by President Obama.

“Peggy Krist writes from the heart about loss and starting a foundation. She translates practical ideas into inspirational chapters for anyone choosing to honor their child and bear the great sorrow of their loss. We give what we are called to do.”
— Inez A. Bing, M.Ed., Bereavement Counselor

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