Jazz Academy 2013: Lawrence’s Story

Former Jazz Academy attendee and current Oberlin Conservatory student tells how the camp helped him, and why he comes back every year to give back to the program.

Jazz Academy at the Solebury School 2012

The foundation’s  2012 Jazz Academy brought together students from Camden, Trenton, and Bucks County and featured a master class with jazz legend Barry Harris.

Jazz Academy at the Solebury School 2011

Students from Camden, Trenton, and Bucks County enjoyed a week of music.

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The Foundation Academy

Our foundation supports the music program of the amazing Foundation Academy, a successful charter school in Trenton, NJ

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Know H20: Water Heroes on Tour

Learn about water as if your life depended on it, because it does.

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The Decision

We met Chevon Boone in 2006 while delivering band instruments to KIPP:Gaston.  By 2013 she earned her BA from Penn.  Her teaching career began at North Star Academy as a Teach for America candidate.  She inspired students when she spoke at Foundation Academies’ inaugural graduation in 2014.